Thursday, 17 January 2019

Guide to painting Penicuik rental properties to increase demand

I was having a chat with a ‘do it yourself’ landlord in Penicuik the other week and she was bemoaning the fact that she was finding it really hard to get one particularly property of hers rented out.  I had to be honest with her and say that we are finding that rental properties are flying off the shelves at the moment which has increased prices – one bed flats are now doing for £650 when last year you were lucky to get £600 for them – so I wondered whether the property that she was renting was the problem rather than the market. 

At this point, she had to confess that she had wondered about getting the property re-decorated as it was looking a bit tired but has hoped that she could get away without doing this .... well, perhaps not I said as politely as I could!

Investing in your rental property is key to maintaining a successful investment, which is why a fresh coat of paint is a great way to increase the tenant demand and rental income.  Here are our tips to help you successfully paint your rental property.

Use Simple Colours

Paint using simple neutral colours like magnolia, cream, beige, grey, and off-white, as these colours don’t outdate and are attractive to most people.  Picking paint colours outside the neutral colour scheme that are on sale or that you personally like runs the risk of you painting colours some tenants may be turned-off by, potentially lowering demand towards your property.

Use Light Colours To Open Up The Room

Keep the colours light and neutral to help open up the rooms.  The tenant’s furniture also has a better chance of fitting into the property’s colour scheme when neutral, bright colours are used continuously throughout the property, helping make your property more attractive.  We see some properties painted white throughout, making them look light and uplifting, and it’s an economic way of redecorating.

Use Good Quality Products and Contractors

Avoid the temptation of buying cheap paint, because this generally chips easily and won’t last as long as good quality paint.  Before long you’ll have to repaint the property, making cheap paint only a short-term solution to increasing demand and rent.  Not only that, the appearance will look increasingly poor, which lowers the appeal, tenant quality and rent.
If you are getting somebody in to paid your property, use a quality contractors that has been recommended to you – they may cost you a wee bit more initially but the job that they do is likely to be better and last for longer saving you money in the long run.
How To Cover Up Imperfections

If the wall surface is imperfect pick, a paint with a mid or low sheen, as the finish will help hide this.  Paint also offers the opportunity to repair imperfections using ready mix fillers, making paint a good choice if your Penicuik investment property has damaged walls.

When Not To Paint

To avoid a patchy finish, try not to paint when it’s really hot so the paint doesn’t dry too fast.  Also avoid painting when it’s raining, as the paint won’t be able to cure in wet conditions, causing its longevity to likely be affected.

Careful Masking

Aim for the best quality job.  Ensure areas that aren’t being painted are carefully covered with masking tape to avoid the appearance of a cheap job.  Light and power switches or their covers should be removed, and carpet and flooring should be carefully covered.
I am happy to give you my thoughts on decorating, to recommend a good decorator to you or even to recommend a good type of paint to you!  I can be contacted on 01968 674601 or; alternatively pop into my office at 6 Bank Street, Penicuik.

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