Thursday, 15 August 2019

Values of Penicuik terraced houses smash through the £180/sq ft barrier

As I mentioned in one of my blogs a while back, I was having a cup of tea at Haigs Cafe recently with a landlord.  This landlord already has a couple of residential properties as well as a commercial unit that are doing very well for him and is on the look out for a third residential property.  When we were talking, he asked me a question that made complete sense in terms of commercial property but was as bit ‘left field’ from a residential property point of view – how much he should be paying per square foot?

Well, that was a challenge and you know how I like a challenge!

So I did my research and found out that:

  • The average flat in Penicuik is currently selling for approximately £187 per square foot costing, on average, £134,179
  • Terraced houses in the town are currently selling for, on average, £157,338 or £182 per square foot.
  • An average semi in Penicuik is obtaining for £206,370 and achieving £219 per square foot. 
  • Finally, the average detached house in Penicuik is achieving £210 per square foot and is selling for £328,828 although this selling price is skewed by a relatively small number of high value properties that do not make viable buy to let properties.

Now these are of course averages, but it gives you a good place to start from.

My research reveals that Penicuik terraced houses tend to generate a better yield than detached and semi-detached houses (probably because they are cheaper to buy than semi-detached houses but rents as fairly similar) and flats (probably because there are not that many flats in Penicuik). However, detached houses, semi-detached houses and flats tend to appreciate in value more rapidly and may well be easier to sell – remember 29.8% of properties in Penicuik are terraced houses compared to a national average of 18.6%.

So, terraced houses are the cheapest to buy per sq ft and give the highest rental yield but give the lowest capital growth.  That’s interesting.

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