Friday, 22 July 2016

Evidence that there is life after Brexit vote for the Penicuik property market

As you know, I keep my ear to the ground when it comes to property matters so I can keep Penicuik property owners informed.  As you also know, Brexit has been ‘hogging the headlines’ recently in the Penicuik Property Blog as well as further afield!

Inch by inch, we are beginning to see what life will be like in the post Brexit vote world and there is evidence that life will continue .... as if it wouldn’t.

Campion Homes is a local, independent, luxury house builder so can be seen as a ‘bell weather’ for what is happening in the local house building sector.  Campion Homes announced on 11 July 2016 that is to accelerate its building programme following a multi-million pound investment from the Business Growth Fund (BGF)

This is hugely significant as clearly discussions between Campion Homes and BGF were ongoing before, during and after the Brexit vote .... trust me, these sort of investments take months to arrange! .... so both the house builder and the funder had sufficient believe in the local property sector post the Brexit vote to conclude the transaction.

As I have mentioned many times before in the Penicuik Property Blog, there is not enough housing being built to satisfy the increased demand for housing – this supply and demand imbalance will not be fundemantely affected by the aftermath of the Brexit vote, whatever the aftermath may be.

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